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Renco has the ability to manufacture various custom-engineered products and systems. In order to place a special order with Renco, the customer must be able to relate the environment in which the product/system will be used and also produce design schematics.

Working directly with their customers' engineers, Renco has produced containment bags for use in the International Space Station, custom forms for various national laboratories and research centers, silicone polymer products for the FDA, and protective polymer barriers for large manufacturing companies.

Please contact Renco at (978) 526-8494, or toll-free at (800) 257-8284, to discuss custom-engineered gloveboxes, products, and systems. You can also email us at

Lightweight, Portable Glove Box

The Captair Pyramid is designed to protect the user during the investigation and transport of biological samples. It is a multi-function disposable glove box made of high-quality transparent PVC. Assembled in a few seconds, it can be used anywhere. The slanted shape of the enclosure provides an ergonomic working position for the user. Light, mobile and disposable, it is an ideal protection tool which can suit many requirements in the laboratory or in the field.


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