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    Drybox and Isolator Gloves are primarily used by manufacturing companies and R&D facilities. Here are the different options available in Renco's line of DRYBOX and ISOLATOR GLOVE SYSTEMS:

    1. Material: Drybox and Isolator Gloves are usually made of Hypalon® (csm), Butyl, Latex, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butadyl, or Polyurethane/Viton®. The end-user must understand the environment in which the gloves will be used before determining which material would be best suited for end use.

      Please refer to these Materials pages within this website for more information on each polymer and also to chemical/permeation resistance guides.
    2. Port Size: The port size is the diameter (in inches) of the circular open end of the glove. For example, a glove with a port size of 8" will fit a circular port that has a diameter of 8". Please note that the port size diameter is not the same measurement as the layflat length. The layflat length is the length of the cuff when measured on a flat surface. The standard port sizes are 6", 8", 10", and 12". Because the polymers will stretch, many of the gloves will fit ports that are slightly larger than a given port size diameter. Circumference measurements should be used when evaluating gloves for oval ports.
    3. Glove Thickness: The standard glove thickness is 15 mil (0.015" / 0.4mm). 30 mil (0.030" / 0.8mm gloves are also available, as are gloves with other thicknesses.
    4. Glove Length: While the standard Drybox and Isolator Glove length is 32", gloves with lengths of 24", 27", 34"and other lengths may be available.
    5. Hand Size: The standard hand sizes available are 8, 9, and 10. Gloves with size 7 or 11 hands are available for select models.
    6. Hand Orientation: The standard hand orientation for Drybox and Isolator Gloves is left/right hand specific i.e. one glove is dipped for the left hand and the other for the right hand. Ambidextrous gloves are available for most models.
    Please call customer service at (978) 526-8494 or toll-free at (800) 257-8284 for the latest information available for these products. You can also email us at

    Here is a partial list of the Drybox and Isolator Gloves available from Renco:

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